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Disposable electronic parking ticket Takitime.
An electronic scratch-and-display ticket.

 The disposable electronic parking ticket (or "individual autopark") is programmed to decrease in value according to the real time used. The device is made of recyclable ABS with a bright colour that is easily detected even from a distance or at night. Takitime is always visible, whether hung on the rear view mirror of the car or placed on the dashboard.

Takitime is the only parking device that allows you to pay by the minute for the actual parking time used.

The introduction of a “virtual” parking payment system offers numerous advantages:

On a financial level:

  • As it is prepaid, it will bring a significant cash flow in advance
  • It improves the economic-financial management of the company
  • The investment brings an immediate return with the pre-sale to distributors

On a managerial and operative level:

  • Guaranteed income
  • Higher customer satisfaction
  • Decrease in maintenance charges (such charges do not even exist for Takitime)
  • Reduction in avoidance of parking payment
  • Cutback on management expenses and on handling cash
  • Safe from imitations (Takitime is protected)
  • Positive psychological effect on the consumer, who has the possibility to pay by the minute (according to the real time used) despite the wide range of rates in different parking zones
  • Environmental impact = none

Takitime allows the payment of any hourly rate beginning from 0.20 cents to 5.00 Euro/hour. After inputting the hourly parking rate, the residual credit is visible according to the selected rate (for example on an e-ticket worth 50.00 Euro, 50 hours of parking time will appear based on a 1.00 Euro/hour rate; 100 hours of parking time will appear based on a 0.50 Euro/hour rate, and so on). A noticeable bright led will signal when the credit has expired.

Takitime also has programmed functions such as the preset start/stop function, which automatically switches the machine on or off according to a predetermined time as inputted by the user. The machine is simple and easy to use: everything is placed in motion with only three keys, whereby a combination can turn on and switch off the e-ticket, plan the hourly rate, display the residual credit and preset any automatic start/stop desired.

The disposable electronic ticket Takitime comes with instructions, a guarantee as well as a pre-printed form for any eventual tax deduction.

- Dimensions 52 mm x 84 mm x 4mm approx. (+ hook)
- Material: Durable and recyclable ABS with fall resistance
- Certificate CE
- Colour: orange base with 3 blue keys (50.00 Euro) or blue base with 3 orange keys (25.00 Euro)
- Convenient and easy to use
- Keys: 3 (up arrow, OK key for confirmation and down arrow)
- Access to the memory is denied
- Display: LCD dimension 30 x 15 mm approx., anti-glare
- Clear indications on the display
- Led: bright red with 2Hz flash to signal expired credit
- Battery: Lithium CR2016, duration of approx. 3 years with "safe battery"
- Operating in an atmospheric temperature from -20° to +65° C
- Impervious to solar heating and high temperatures
- Functions in relative air humidity of up to approx. 95%
- When switched on, the last parking zone rate is displayed
- Programming of the parking zone rate
- Display of the selected rate (per time unit) and the remaining parking time
- Deactivation upon the programmed expired parking time or upon manual input
- Automatic switch off after 10 seconds of inactivity (safe battery)
- Deactivation after a maximum running time of 10 hours if not otherwise programmed
- Upon activation, the first minute is free to allow the user to input new data and/or correct existing data
- Rates: in Euro, Dollar, Pound or any other currencies with 2 decimal points. The rates can be increased from 0.20 to 5.00 by 0.1 increments with single clicks or by larger increments when applying more pressure to the keys
- Standard face value: 50.00 and 25.00 Euro (or other money units)
- Hook: hung on the rear view mirror of the car or placed on the dashboard
- Alphanumeric progressive numeration and personalization of data (series)
- Electronic tickets are individually packaged in transparent plastic envelopes and packed together in well-identified boxes

Safety: Takitime has a protected software and its electronic chip is covered with a warm resin to prevent any manipulation. The shell is closed and secured with thermal welding, therefore cannot be forced opened without incurring damages.

Please note that Takitime is a patented item. The company reserves the right to make changes in any moment without further notice.


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